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lundi 16 octobre 2006


Granite & Ardoise sarl is a French sarl (Limited liability company) incorporated in 2003. Its business purpose is (i) to provide services (ii) to distribute software (iii) to hold financial investments. 

Business proposal

Corporate Trust

  • Management of French subsidiaries or branches or SPV of international companies;

  • Domiciliation, administration, regulatory and secretarial services;

  • Financial management of such entities;

  • Business support & consulting:

  • Set-up local partnerships with relevant providers ( Accountant - Auditor – Bank – Counsel – Headhunter – Tax advisor – etc... ).

Financial services

  • Search for private equity funding for start-up companies;

  • Search for specialized financing;

  • Re-engineering and implementation of corporate governance;

  • Merger & Acquisition: Evaluation of the opportunity – Financial valuation – Due diligences – Transaction engineering – Post-acquisition support;

  • Internal control and implementation of procedures;

  • Assistance in growing international;

  • Interim financial management

Software distribution

  • Distribution (as Agent) of the corporate governance software eGedo (the software being edited by RemSyx B.V. and its affiliates);

  • Provide relevant services related to the said software.


  • G&A is the holding vehicule of some private investments


  • Action Changement Entreprise
  • G&A has developped strong partnership with leading international trust companies

Management & Ownership

  • G&A is wholly-owned by the Mahoudeaux-Louvet familly

  • Madeleine Mahoudeaux is the Managing Director of G&A


Granite & Ardoise

Société à responsabilité limitée au capital / Limited company whith share capital of 100,000.00 €uros
62, rue monseigneur Tréhiou - 56000  Vannes - France
Trade reg. / RCS: Vannes B 449 939 339 - Site register / Siret: 44993933900015
VAT / TVA: FR 76 449 939 339 - Activity / APE: 652E
cell: +33 . 674 490 593 - fax: +33 . 276 013 167


samedi 14 octobre 2006

resume of Rémy Mahoudeaux

born on July 28th. 1963 - Married, 3 children

International Corporate Finance - A Business Partner


Corporate Finance

Equity Financing : IPO on NASDAQ; VC financing; PR with Financial Community; Interface between company / board / shareholders; All "standard" accounting, financial, tax and legal international skills.

Business Development

Merger and acquisition;
Set-up of new companies in various new countries;
Launching products on the market;
Negotiate various contracts.

Implementation of new tools

In-depth understanding of software industry, products and implementation;
Knowledge in UML (Unified Modelling Language).

Team Management

Manage international teams.


Granite & Ardoise

2003 – now

Granite & Ardoise is a family-owned company focusing of trust services for international corporate customers and financial services. It also now provides some financial consulting services executed by myself. Past assignments included:

Held managing director position for foreign subsidiaries of international companies – establishment of such company;
Fund raising for start-up companies – Business plan > VC contacts;
Interim financial management;
Evaluation of target company for an acquisition.


2009 – now
Founder & Managing Director

RemSyx is a software editor specialized in Corporate Governance. The eGedo software is designed for private companies, managing and supporting their financial instruments ledgers and corporate decision processes (vote) and implementing strong communication features. eGedo strenghens the link between company and stakeholders.


2001 – 2008
Financial consultant / Chief Financial Officer / Advisor

Vermeg is a financial software editor, focused on securities and asset management back-office STP solutions, that was spun-off from BFI, a tunisian IT company. It greew from 8 to 16 M€ from 2002 to 2005, and is profitable.

Corporate re-engineering linked to the spin-off;
Governance of the company
Acquisition of the Asset Management Back-Office software division from Reuters (an ex-Diagram business) – several other attempted acquisitions;
Distribution agreements;
Set-up the finance organization; Responsible for all accounting, planning, financial management, legal aspects of the business;
Relationship with the shareholders, venture capitalists and banks;
All finance, accounting and tax responsibilities;
Support to the sales function for any legal / contractual matter.


2000 – 2001
Chief Financial Officer

Celtipharm.com intended to become the leading European e-marketplace between local pharmacists and laboratories, and to provide value-added marketing services

Responsible for all accounting, planning, financial management, legal aspects of the business;
Interface with analysts, investors, bankers, lawyers, auditors and various administrations.


1996 – 2000
Chief Financial Officer

décalog is the leader in the growing market of solutions of front and middle offices of top-tier asset management companies. The décalog/IDEE software industrializes the investment processes of such customers. The company grew from 8 MUSD revenue (1996) to 30 MUSD (2000), from 80 to 200 people in the same period and became increasingly profitable. After preparing for an IPO on NASDAQ, décalog was acquired by SunGard in July 1999.

Responsible for all accounting, planning, financial management, tax-planning & optimization, purchasing, A/R collection, legal aspects of the business;
Interface with investors, bankers, lawyers, auditors and various administrations;
Participate in various projects such as preparing an IPO (due diligences, prospectus, analysts, road-show); integration by SunGard; spin-off of consulting and engineering businesses (OTC Conseil ; Cadextan); final bargaining of major license contracts, 35 hours law implementation, etc.

IDEXX Laboratories

1993 – 1996
Financial Controller – Europe

IDEXX was the worldwide leader on the veterinarian diagnostic market. In Europe, it grew from 17 MUSD (1993) to 75 MUSD (1996) and from 60 to 180 people in the same period. 4 subsidiaries were created and one acquired.

Responsible for all accounting, planning, financial management, tax-planning, A/R collection, legal aspects of the business in Europe;
Interface with bankers, lawyers, auditors and administrations;
Participate in various projects such as creating new subsidiaries in Spain and the Netherland, split of the French company, launch of new products, SAP implementation.

Framatome Connectors International

1990 – 1993
Corporate Controller

Framatome diversified in the connector business, creating Framatome Connectors International, with a revenue reaching 0,6 Bil. €uros, employing 6000 people in 40 companies issued from the merger of 5 corporations.

Responsible for preparing and implementing the new reporting standards and systems and the new financial procedures;
Manage and consolidate the various reports received from operations;
Interface with shareholder's financial management.

Aerospatiale – tactical missile division

1986 – 1990
Exocet Junior Controller

Aerospatiale, now a part of Airbus, was the leader on various segment of missile business with 1 Bil. €uros revenue.

Responsible for designing, implementing and managing various reports;
Managing budget and planning processes;
Participate in various resource allocation processes.



2013 Paris
AQI Certificate (Qualified Independant Director)

European Business School
1982-1986 Paris - London – Frankfurt
Graduate in 1986 in Management / Finance

Foreign languages:

English : Fluent in both business and current language;
German : Good remembrances


Board Member in Enthic, a French Foundation active in mesofinance in Africa;
Participate in the seed financing of various companies;
Co-leader of the investment club "HP12C Asset Management";
Wrote a book on internal control, a white paper on e-Governance and some technical articles in Finyear or in Le Cercle Les Echos